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​                                                                        While it may seem odd, many of those gorgeous wildflowers blooming
                                                   beside   the road and in people's yards in the spring got their start in the
                                                   fall, especially Bluebonnets.  Sowing seeds now gives the plants time to
                                                   develop strong root systems to produce flowers and then seeds in the
                                                   spring and summer.  The District purchases seed from Turner Seed in
                                                   Breckenridge, Texas because they do not have their own fields, they
                                                   partner with farmer and ranchers to plant seed and they help them
                                                   harvest as well.  Wildflowers povide beautiful ground cover that needs no mowing, they also reduce erosion and runoff, as well as provide butterflies, bees, and other insects with nector.  1 lb. of Bluebonnet seeds are $22 a pound and the wildflower mixes are $24 a lb.  Each contain Bluebonnet seeds.  The District will have the seeds in stock until December 15th.

Our tree seedling program has been ongoing since 1991.  Orders for evergreen and hardwood seedlings can be made now through February 7th, with pickup being on or around Februrary 15th.  The best part of the ordering process is FREE delivery!  The District is able to keep costs down by ordering in bulk from the Texas Forestry Service.  We all know that trees and shrubs have a beneficial purpose in nature.  Planted in the right place for a specific purpose, trees and shrubs save enerby when used as windbreaks, they will better crop or livestock production by protecting the area against the effects of win, they are great riparian buffers that will improve water quality, and make a great screen between neighbors, all while providing shelter for birds and animals.  Many trees and shrubs will provide food for birds and other wildlife.  Pollinators are big winners as well since they are attracted to a variety of flowers that bloom on trees and shrubs.  

​The following may be ordered individually for $3 each or in lots of 25 in sealed boxes for $75, each are in a tube with a root volume of 10 cubic inches.  The offering this year is Afghanistan Pine, Austrian Pine, Catalpa, Italian Stone Pine, Lotebush, Oriental Arborvitae, Pinyon Pine, Texas Redbud, and Western Soapberry.

Bur Oak, Chinkapin Oak, Shumard Oak, and the Little Native Pecan are sold in lots of 25 for $38, they are barerooted and packaged with gel packing.

Gate signs and Range Plants of North Central Texas are given as gifts 
when a donation of $20 (gate signs) or $25 or more (book) is given.  
Donations support the District's ongoing grass roots mission.

                                                  Rain barrels are sold year round.  The 50 gallon terra cotta
                                   is sells for $99 and the 60 gallon black for $120.  These are
                                   food grade barrels used in shipping olives, pickels, peppers, 
                                   etc. that are recycled into water barrels that are shipped to
                                   your door by Fed Ex.

                                   Attachemnets may be ordered and shipped in the barrels.  Barrel
                                   connectors sell for $5.25 each, flex elbows for $4.25 each, and flex
                                   diverters (divert rain water to the barrel without cutting off the 
                                   downspout) sells for $25.95 each.  
                                   Tax Code 151.355 exempts rainwater harvesting equipment from
                                   sales tax.  The exemption applies to equipment and supplies used
                                   solely (used exclusively for the reason stated) for certain types of
                                   water conservation.  Rain barrels and attachments the District sells
                                   are to be used soley for conservation rainwater harvesting and are
                                   therefore tax exempt.


District Sale Info
Brilliam Grass Seeder

(check out the operational video on facebook)

1) Payment is required at time of rental. Minimum charge of $75, or $6 per acre over 12.5 acres.  You can expect to plant 20  to 30 acres per day.

2)  Seeder may be rented for out of Parker County use for a minimum charge of $100, or $7 per acre over 12.5 acres at the District's discretion.

3) The seeder has two boxes, one for slick seed and one for fluffy or fuzzy seed.

4) The seeder should only be used on a clean, firm seedbed free of stumps, rocks, and any other obstructions, and not too wet or crusty.


6) Both boxes may be used at once, planting cool and warm season grasses and legumes, annuals and perennials.



(check out operational book
when renting)

1) $25.00 per day fee (Day fee is for how many days the spreader is kept.)

2) 3 point hitch pins are provided.
Renters will be charged for pins that are not returned.

3) Absolutely no fertilizer used in spreader

4) Read Operator’s Manual and Safety booklet before use

5) Do not use if safety shield over driveline is missing

6) Attach driveline safety chains correctly; flopping will throw them out or off.

7) Report any damage at time of pick up or return.

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From November 2019 Texas A&M Forest Service newsletter :

"Wood is a versatile, durable, abundant, and cost-effective nenewable resource that provides numerous environmental benefits, including storing carbon when used for energy production.

The USDA Forest Service and its partners are creating new opportunities for innovative wood products which contribute to diversified rural economies and support sustainable forest management.  The  Wood Innovations Funding Opportunity supports traditional wood utilization projects, expands wood energy markets, and promotes using wood as a construction material in commercial buildings.  The Fortest Service supports proposals that significantly stimulate or expand wood energy and wood product markets that support the long-term management of National Forest System and other forest lands.

The 2020 Request for Proposals focuses on:
  • Reducsing hazardous fuels and improve forest health on National Forest Systems and other forest lands.
  • Reducing costs of forest management on all land types.
  • Promoting economic and environmental health of communites.